Sunday Sketching 26.5.19

Work In Progress / 26 May 2019

Cyberpunk city kitbash with some older models.

Wednesday Sketching 22.5.19

Article / 22 May 2019

Monday Sketching 20.5.19

General / 20 May 2019

SpaceX lander, deathburger inspired.

Sunday Sketching 19.5.19

General / 19 May 2019

Lakon search and rescue

Scifi Hero #2: Syd Mead

Article / 18 May 2019

In my first weeks at Volvo Product Design I found myself in a meeting room staring at some pictures on the wall. A colleague asked 'Can you guess who drew those?', I replied that although it could not be the case they looked like something Syd Mead would have draw.

It turns out that indeed Syd Mead did draw them and at one time used to work as a designer in the company. After asking for quite some time I finally got permission to share them outside.

Starting here with one of my favourites, I always have a soft spot for asymmetrical design. I am hoping at some point to have some free time to model and print these out!

3D Printing - Day 1 18.5.19

Making Of / 18 May 2019

It's finally time to start taking my 3D scifi machines and learn the new skill of printing. I bought an Ender 3 following in the footsteps of CGMEKAMONO as they man age to get some really good detail on their pieces.

It took quite some time to get the bed level with adjustments and I am pretty sure its slightly warped in the middle so I will need to investigate that further, however I have managed to get a few really good prints so far.

My summer project plan is to create a full airfix-type model kit of the hoverbike I designed last year. Here is a mockup of the box in Adobe Dimension.

Space Truck - work in progress 21.4.19

Making Of / 21 April 2019

I have had some time over Easter to start something new, a Space Truck. So far SketchUp and Thea with no plugins as yet.

Scifi Hero #1: Simon Stålenhag

News / 07 April 2019

While out shopping today I stumbled across a book signing by none other than Simon Stålenhag. He has been a big inspiration to me for all manner of flying vehicles, especially since I moved to Sweden. 

He has just launched a book about Dinosaurs written by Anna Davour so I managed to get that too. No idea what it says but I guess if I am going to learn Swedish starting with the kids books is the best idea!

Volvo Space Edition

General / 15 February 2019

Everybody who has taken one look at my Art Station page knows how much I love space and I was lucky enough for my last project of 2018 to design the paint scheme for a series of special 'Space Edition' Volvo truck (with the help of my colleagues untangling my Vector artwork). 

Volvo is celebrating 10 years in Kaluga the home of Sputnik and one of the birthplaces of spacetravel so I thought it was fitting to have it on the side! 

You can read about it here in Russian! 

I dont have permission to show any 3D renders, illustrations or key art but I hope to get that soon. In the meantime here are some press shots. I am very proud of this one, not only was it the first vehicle I ever painted its also SPACE!

Learning Blender Day 1-4 - 10.1.19

Article / 10 February 2019

Now that I am working in automotive design SketchUp is starting to struggle under the weight of large mesh sizes so I decided to learn Blender as a good go between. It has been good timing as v2.8 looks wonderful with lots of exciting hard surface skewed features.

The first tutorial I downloaded was by Vaughan Ling Vaughan Ling with his container ship tutorial. It came with a custom Python config that adds some new key shortcuts, plugins and re-assembles the default UI, all really helpful. 

After a really long weekend (16-17 hours perhaps) I had picked up the basics of Blender and decided to try and use what I had learnt into my own model. A walking tank based on this concept by Benjamin Last.

I would say I am about 7 hours in now still testing lots of features, hopefully within a month I will be up and running with this new tool!