Work In Progress / 15 July 2021


Work In Progress / 15 July 2021

Blender Progress Weeks 1-49

General / 22 April 2021

Finally back into the office for a bit and reflecting on my Blender jounrey so far, almost 1 year in. I has a great headstart with the Blender 8 week HeavyPoly course as well as some awesome automotive tutorials from CG masters but almost running on my own. Will have to think of somehting special to end the year on!

Frywork inspired autonomous racing drone

Article / 13 January 2021

Inspired by John Frye: https://www.instagram.com/fryewerk/


Work In Progress / 06 January 2021

WIth just over a year since Syd Mead passed away I thought I would try a mixup of two of my favourite Volvo sketches he did while working at our office with a Cyberpunk spin. Its influenced also by the Volvo FMX a more utility indutrial looking truck.



Maersk Blender sketch

General / 29 December 2020


DHL Blender sketch

General / 28 December 2020

Some hard surface kitbashing fun.

Leanring Blender weeks #1 - #30

Article / 13 December 2020

Finally finished my end of year Blender training, not sure how much time I have spent but I am way over 2000 hours by now. Really happy I managed to learn something new while on furlough and even have time in the middle to explore the forests and lakes of Sweden for 5 weeks. 

Here are some details of some of the courses and assests:

Week 1: HeavyPoly Soy Sauce tutorial

Week 2-8: HeavyPoly Blender intro course

Week 9-10: Polestar design contest

Week 16-20: Holiday!

Week 21: Only lighting and material, base mesh from Hum3D

Week22: CG Masters Jeep tutorial

Week 29-30: Some wall elements from Gesy Beckeyei kitbask pack

Hawker Sea Fury #2

Work In Progress / 17 November 2020

Some more work on the basic blockout almost ready for the details!

Hawker Sea Fury WIP #1

Work In Progress / 17 November 2020

Its been a long summer and even longer learning Blender. This week brings me into week 25 so I thought I would round off the year and see what i have learnt. 

I decided to model the Sea Fury one of my favourite aircraft as a kid using a mix of SubD and Skrinkwrap, here are the first two days work: