Volvo Construction Loader PL209

Liam keating amazon drone 1

Amazon Fulfilment Drone 08

Liam keating amazon drone 2

Amazon Fulfilment Drone 08 close up

Liam keating amazon drone 7
Liam keating pl290 v2

Volvo PL290

Liam keating pl 211
Liam keating pl 210

Clay renders

Liam keating amazon drone 3
Liam keating img 0154

Early work in progress

Liam keating img 20190701 181956

Early explorations with SketchUp & Procreate on iPad

This was my summer project completed over the course of a month in between time out of the office. Ive spent a bit of 2019 working with the Volvo Construction Design team and wanted to have a go at making a futuristic machine myself. I came across a design by Jason Hazelroth of a NASA Power Loader and thought it would be a good subject to have a go at:

The drone itself is autonomous but can also be directly controlled via remote. As well as the stock Volvo machine I have also created a customer version, in this case an Amazon Fulfilment Drone.