UNSC Vrångö Work in progress

Kitbash Halo Frigate work in progress

MECH WIP 24.7.19

Here is an update of my Powerloader with placeholders removed and starting to get its Volvo yellow color scheme.

MECH WIP 20.7.19

Ive been working on a project to replicate the NASA Powerloader by Jason Hazelroth over the summer break. This is quite a complicated model so hopefully I will learn a few things along the way.


Sunday Sketching 26.5.19

Cyberpunk city kitbash with some older models.

Mars Express - 28.1.19

I have started a new illustration project by kit-bashing some of my older models. Although I thought I had read the entitreity of Project Rho it seems I had somehow missed out the Mars Umbrella ship concept!

It got brought to my attention by the great work that Lucas Green has been doing with his concept art releases for Synthesis. asenseofwonder.artstation.com

Hello - 19.1.19

The monkey angle wasn't working out so a formal Korean robot instead will do.

Deathburger inspired palette again.

Bike - work in progress 18.1.19

Some detailing on the bike, taking some more amazing Neon Rising colours. Almost time to start on the hard parts...

Monkey Business - work in progress 17.1.19

Keeping with my Deathburger inspired palette and trying some more vehicle work with characters. I need to work on my Illustrator skills a bit for work so this will be a fun project.

My inspiration aside from the Neon Rising Artbook is a new monkey lamp we just bought.

OUTATIME - work in progress 6.1.19

Trying to work on some character art to mix in with the model and illustration work. 

I sketched out a simple rig in Photoshop to figure out how one would lean out of the car and with that guide made traced the real character over the top in Illustrator.

OUTATIME - work in progress 5.1.19

Taking a lot of inspiration from the Josan Gonzalez's Neon Rising Art Book I bought last year.  https://ixcitadel.com/products/the-future-is-now_neon-rising Here is a version of the Back the the Future mobile roughly based on BTTF2 with some upgrades!!!
Ideally I am hoping to put this in an alleyway scene and also conquer my fear of drawing characters and have Doc Brown hanging out the window.
I used a base mesh downloaded from the internet, remodelled the wheels and engine section and then exported it as a Vector line image. All of the colouring and detailing is done in Photoshop and Illustrator.