Adobe Max 2019

Article / 11 November 2019

What an amazing time I had in LA at Max this year. Thanks for the Adobe 3D and Substance teams for inviting me out to present and a big thanks to Nvidia who loaned me one awesome RTX4000 Boxx laptop to do it on.

We are really looking forward to working more and more with Substance at Volvo and cant wait to get stuck in!

Beijing Design Week

Article / 09 September 2019

I was lucky to be invited by Beijing Design Week and the SketchUp team to speak at an event in Beijing this weekend. Not only did I get to give a presentation on Sci-fi Design but also be on a panel discussion with some extremely talented Chinese and Japanese designers including Professor Min Wang, Design Director of the Beijing Olympics! 

And some aviation keep points I got to ride in both a 747-800 and A380!!

Volvo Sweden Rock Edition

Article / 06 June 2019

It's not often that I get to show any work from my actual job but happy to be able to share this truck striping I made with my two colleagues Nigel Atterbury and Fredrik Folkestad.

Volvo Trucks is one of the main sponsors of Sweden Rock and this year we produced a special one off truck to be displayed at the festival. The concept was to visualise the 'sound' of the truck itself and turn that into a unique design.

Image property of Volvo Trucks Sverige/Volvo Group
We recorded the D16 engine, turbocharger and air intakes, taking a range of different frequencies. In After Effects, using Trapcode Sound Keys and Mir3 we were able to create an animated plane to visualise the sound itself.
We found a pattern that displayed the frequencies we wanted to highlight and converted that into Vector Graphics. We used silver metallic film to be printed and applied to the vehicle itself, an FH16 750 8x4.
Image property of Volvo Trucks Sverige/Volvo Group
The end result was great and we had an amazing spot right next to the main festival stage!!

You can read more about it on the Volvo Trucks website.

Wednesday Sketching 22.5.19

Article / 22 May 2019

Scifi Hero #2: Syd Mead

Article / 18 May 2019

In my first weeks at Volvo Product Design I found myself in a meeting room staring at some pictures on the wall. A colleague asked 'Can you guess who drew those?', I replied that although it could not be the case they looked like something Syd Mead would have draw.

It turns out that indeed Syd Mead did draw them and at one time used to work as a designer in the company. After asking for quite some time I finally got permission to share them outside.

Starting here with one of my favourites, I always have a soft spot for asymmetrical design. I am hoping at some point to have some free time to model and print these out!

Learning Blender Day 1-4 - 10.1.19

Article / 10 February 2019

Now that I am working in automotive design SketchUp is starting to struggle under the weight of large mesh sizes so I decided to learn Blender as a good go between. It has been good timing as v2.8 looks wonderful with lots of exciting hard surface skewed features.

The first tutorial I downloaded was by Vaughan Ling Vaughan Ling with his container ship tutorial. It came with a custom Python config that adds some new key shortcuts, plugins and re-assembles the default UI, all really helpful. 

After a really long weekend (16-17 hours perhaps) I had picked up the basics of Blender and decided to try and use what I had learnt into my own model. A walking tank based on this concept by Benjamin Last.

I would say I am about 7 hours in now still testing lots of features, hopefully within a month I will be up and running with this new tool!