Learning Blender Day 1-4 - 10.1.19

Article / 10 February 2019

Now that I am working in automotive design SketchUp is starting to struggle under the weight of large mesh sizes so I decided to learn Blender as a good go between. It has been good timing as v2.8 looks wonderful with lots of exciting hard surface skewed features.

The first tutorial I downloaded was by Vaughan Ling Vaughan Ling with his container ship tutorial. It came with a custom Python config that adds some new key shortcuts, plugins and re-assembles the default UI, all really helpful. 

After a really long weekend (16-17 hours perhaps) I had picked up the basics of Blender and decided to try and use what I had learnt into my own model. A walking tank based on this concept by Benjamin Last.

I would say I am about 7 hours in now still testing lots of features, hopefully within a month I will be up and running with this new tool!