Work In Progress / 02 December 2018

Truck - work in Progress 2.12.18

I recently discovered that none other than Syd Mead used to work at Volvo Trucks as a consultant, I managed to see some of his sketches and designs from the 70/80's and although a few decades old they would not look out of place in Blade Runner!!

It gave me an idea to design a new scifi truck based on some of his old sketches mixed in with some other ideas.

For the wheels I was heavily inspired by the VEX Mars Rover that Syd also designed for NASA:

I am also taking a lot of inspiration from the fantastic Mike Hill and his hub driven wheel systems: 

For these initial studies I used SketchUp for the model, Keyshot for some reflection passes and Photoshop for most of the colour, highlights, shadows and decals, I am also using a Wacom Cintiq Pro13. The main suspension uses some components from  Nick Govacko's amazing kit-bash modules: