Leanring Blender weeks #1 - #30

Article / 13 December 2020

Finally finished my end of year Blender training, not sure how much time I have spent but I am way over 2000 hours by now. Really happy I managed to learn something new while on furlough and even have time in the middle to explore the forests and lakes of Sweden for 5 weeks. 

Here are some details of some of the courses and assests:

Week 1: HeavyPoly Soy Sauce tutorial

Week 2-8: HeavyPoly Blender intro course

Week 9-10: Polestar design contest

Week 16-20: Holiday!

Week 21: Only lighting and material, base mesh from Hum3D

Week22: CG Masters Jeep tutorial

Week 29-30: Some wall elements from Gesy Beckeyei kitbask pack