Space X Mars Express

Space X Mars shuttle braking into a Mars parking orbit.
Powered by a Linear Fusion Gasdynamic Mirror Engine it's able to complete a 170 day round trip between Earth and Mars on a standard Brachistochrone trajectory (accelerating to 50% distance then flipping around and decelerating for the remaining 50%).
This specific ship has been contracted by the Chinese government to transport workers for the Mars Elevator construction programme. It will be met in Mars orbit by a fleet of small shuttles to re-supply and perform basic maintenance before the trip back to Earth.

Liam keating linear fusion
Liam keating liam keating maersk 4

Maersk Line Orbital freighter in Neptune orbit. Powered by eight VASIMR plasma driven engines (variable specific impulse magnetoplasma rocket), the freighter moves bulk cargo from low orbit to high orbit where it’s transferred to larger ships.